Chevron Stripes

I am so pleased to have finished tweaking the Chevron Stripes pattern. It is now available on Ravelry or through the patterns page of this blog.

The body of the hat is basically a chevron pattern with a big modification. Most chevron patterns use yarn overs which makes for a holey hat. To get rid of this, I did some trial and error and settled on the make one method of lifting up the bar between two stitches to make a new stitch.

Molly the Helpful-doodle

I love the picture above for two reasons. The first is that the pink hat was really hard to photograph. It’s a combination of brown Red Heart Super Saver and pink Berrocco Vintage Chunky and the pink was really hard to catch. I think something about it sitting right next to the brown made the pink almost glow in most pictures. The second reason I love this picture is that it has puppy paw in it. Molly is a fabulous assistant and helps make sure that hats are just so for all the shots (or was trying to knock them down, one or the other).

The orange hat is made of brown Berrocco Ultra Alpaca and orange Berrocco Vintage Chunky. The two yarns are both soft and combined they make for a hat that is warm and soft. I also unearthed some Berrocco Vintage chunky in pink so I’m actually knitting another of these hats using the Ultra Alpaca in brown and the Vintage Chunky in pink. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to give that one away to the 500 Hats projects – it’s too cute.

My favorite of the Chevron Stripes Hats.

And of course, the chevron stripes hat has the eight-pointed ‘star’ on top.

Not really a ‘star’, but very star-like.

The other day, I posted the version of this hat in peach and pink that I put a little pompom on and I also knit one of these in pink and purple. This pattern is good for a vast array of color combinations. The orange and brown has a completely different feel than the peach and pink  and I would love to see this hat done in black with  a really great lime or fuchsia (or both!).

PS: The original version of this hat pattern with yarn overs is still available in this blog post.

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