It’s Cold – Knit Hats

It’s cold in Baltimore right now. Well, I should be clear. It’s cold in Baltimore for Baltimore right now (we’re not Alaska cold – just colder than normal). Not only do I not need to worry about my knitting felting as I work on it (ah-hem, entire month of August, I’m looking at you), but I can officially wear my hats, scarves, cowls, gloves, mitts, socks, and sweaters without looking completely absurd.

I’m continuing to work on hats for the 500 Hats Project. A while ago, I mentioned my goal was to use up all this acrylic yarn I had somehow managed to accumulate. I’m down to just one plastic bin of worsted weight acrylic now and I’m working my way through that. However, I decided to continue this brilliant yarn stash reduction by looking through some of the other bins of yarn. I have yarn I don’t even remember purchasing. Without further ado, I present hats no. 25-31 for my contribution to the 500 Hats Project from worsted acrylic and a few other odd ball skeins.

Hats, Hats, Hats – Hats No. 25-31

Two of these hats, the top center and bottom right, are the Twisted Trellis Pattern (which is now available on Ravelry). The top one is made of acrylic but the gray hat on the bottom is made of Astral, a luscious alpaca blend I had left over from other projects. Two of these hats, the top left and bottom center, are the re-worked Chevron Stripes pattern. I’m really pleased with this reworked pattern because it uses the m1 (make one) increase rather than yarn overs to increase so it doesn’t have little holes. I also re-worked the decreases so they look a little better than the samples above. I have two more of Chevron Stripes hats that I’m going to use to take good photos of and use with the pattern. I should be able to post that pattern Thursday or Friday (I have friends looking it over – I don’t want any errors this time!).

The other hats are made up of some green Caron Simply Soft (top right in the picture) and Jo-Ann’s Sensations Cosetta. The green hat is an idea I had involving a pattern of little circles. I’m not so happy with how that came out so I’m not sure if I’m going to revisit that idea. The other two hats are simple beanies knit with Cosetta. I can remember purchasing this yarn, but I have no idea if there was a specific reason for purchasing the Cosetta.The colors are lovely and it was easy to knit with, however that yarn is discontinued so I don’t imagine I’ll be using it again.

As part of cleaning out the yarn I found a bunch of Angel Glitz yarn I had been given over a year ago. When my friend passed away, his partner gave me a lot of his yarn, needles and some other tools. It was really lovely to receive the supplies and it included some things like a complete set of U-nitt Bamboo double pointed knitting needles in sizes US1-US15 that I use frequently. I had largely forgotten about this stash of Angel Glitz yarn, even though I used most of the other yarn over the past months.

The Angel Glitz Yarn

At the top left of that picture you can see a cable hat I’m playing with. This yarn is slippery and fuzzy and the colors are definitely not what I would choose. I think that if I do relatively simple hats with just a little cabling, the yarn won’t look too terrible. I have no idea why this yarn was purchased, but the owner used to do really creative things so I’m sure he had something in mind. I think knitting it into hats to give to children will be a good way to honor his memory. I’ll post the results of the cable hat experiment in a few days.

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