Happy Halloween!

Top left: the screen painted bags for handing out treats; top right: fire jugglers from Johns Hopkins; bottom left: cake (because every party needs cake); bottom right: one of the porches “Grove of the Grotesque”

Happy halloween! *Be forewarned this is not a post about knitting*

Last Saturday, Remington held Hauntingdon, a blow-out celebration of all things Halloween. We close down the 2900 block of Huntingdon Avenue and host spooky activities on the porches, have a haunted house, trick or treating and this year, for the first time, cake. The cake was pretty delicious. Charm City Cakes (of Duff Goldman/ Ace of Cakes fame) is located on the other side of the block we hold this party on. They were kind enough to donate sheet cakes which I got to help distribute. The cakes were seriously delicious plus I got to be the person handing out cake, which if you’re going to work at a party is definitely one of the best spots to work. Because who doesn’t like cake (although some kids came up and looked at the cake before shaking their heads and backing away – hilariously similar to those capital one commercials with the baby that doesn’t like free cash, apparently we have some kids that don’t like cake).

This year’s Hauntingdon theme was the End of the World for the Mayan Apocalypse and it heavily featured zombies including a zombie-crab (see my screenprinted bag at the top).

Also in honor of the holiday, I decided to try making candy corn rice krispy treats. They came out fairly well, although I apparently had some trouble making even circles. You basically segment and dye marshmallow before mixing in the rice krispy cereal and make circles that can be cut into wedges. Each wedge becomes a candy corn. And yes, the orange food coloring is as orange as it looks in that picture.


I used the recipe I found via google on the Chef-in-Training website. It really is a very easy recipe. My only change would be that if you like your treats with a ton of marshmallow-ey goodness, I would use slightly more marshmallows than the recipe says to use. I think dividing the marshmallow for coloring meant a little was lost.  I am going to have to find something similar to make for Thanksgiving and Christmas (rice krispy turkeys anyone?).

Now, back to our regularly scheduled knitting…

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