Frankenstorm Part 2

Maryland is, for the most part, incredibly lucky. We have some damage but managed to avoid the brunt of Hurricane Sandy. Here in the Remington homestead,we didn’t lose power and, other than discovering a leak in the front window, we’ve come out unscathed. I feel badly for all those New York and New Jersey residents dealing with much worse.

My neighbor and her dog came over, and we spent most of yesterday afternoon drinking wine and relaxing while the dogs played until they were exhausted. I think independently the dogs would have been more upset (mine usually gets upset during storms). But together, they seemed happy and oblivious to the potentially disastrous storm.

Hooray finished socks!

As we ‘hunkered down’, I spent a lot of time knitting. I finished the Malabrigo socks in the Stonechat colorway and the Aranami stole in the Shades of Vermillion kit from Neighborhood Fiber Co while waiting out the storm. It’s still raining today so I had trouble getting good pictures but will probably take better photos in a couple days. The socks are pictured to the left; they’re so luscious. I used the Stepping Stone socks pattern by Clara Parkes for the leg.

The finished aranami was blocked overnight and I put it on my chair to capture the finished shawl’s color transitions. I am so pleased with the shawl – the yarn and the pattern are absolutely gorgeous. Look at those colors! For those unfamiliar with Neighborhood Fiber Co’s Rustic Fingering, imagine a yarn super-saturated with color and made of wool that is so soft it’s downright scrumptious. (If it’s not clear, Malabrigo and Neighborhood Fiber Co are probably my favorite yarns.)


I even had time to work on some Christmas knitting. I knit the swatch for the Terra Linda cardigan. I’m pleased with the yarn selected; I ended up with Berroco Vintage DK. The DK is slightly thinner than the recommended worsted, but I plan to make it slightly smaller then the XS size the pattern builds so I figure this will work with my modifications. I swatched on US7 needles and plan to slightly alter a little of the length to fit her. I think of the best part of knitting is participating in any level of design work, whether creating something from scratch or modifying a pattern, being able to create a garment or accessory specifically for someone (especially when they requested the garment) is so much fun and satisfying.

Thrilled with the swatch – even though I’m not using the recommended Malabrigo.

In fact, I think I’m going to go cast on the cardigan this evening.

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