Frankenstorm Knitting

Yes, those are extra plastic tarps ready just in case they’re needed on the end of the couch.

Here in Baltimore, we’re riding out Hurricane Sandy – although as I write this, the actual Hurricane is still hours away from any coastline.  Molly the dog is snuggled up on the end of the couch and I’m knitting while watching the never-ending news coverage. The emergency preparations have been done as best we can so now we just have to wait and see what happens.

I’m finishing up the decreases on the toe of the second Malabrigo Stonechat sock. I’ll be thrilled to finish those (they’ve been on the needles for almost 4 months). This Frankenstorm is accompanied by a temperature drop, so that’s not a moment to soon.

I’m also halfway through the last row of the Aranami shawl. I thought it would ironic to finish a shawl whose name translates to stormy seas and raging waves while Hurricane Sandy approaches. I love these colors (the picture is slightly overexposed, but what can I say – I have limited natural light to work with today). Have I mentioned in the past week how much I love working with Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarns? No? I love working with Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarns. I have two hanks of Studio Sock in the Lauraville colorway cued up for knee socks (mom requested knee socks for Christmas no less) so I’ve got plenty of Neighborhood Fiber rations in the house (which along with the wine, snacks and batteries, should get me through the storm safely).

The last row being knit to create the straight top edge of the Aranami shawl

Stay safe everyone.

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