And the party hasn’t even started!

Today is Remington’s annual Halloween event, Hauntingdon, which is tons of fun and was going to be the subject of today’s post. Instead I have some other fun to share and Hauntingdon will have to wait until tomorrow. First of all, it is a gorgeous day in Baltimore; it must be the calm before the Frankenstorm. I took Molly to the park to talk to the guys running the Friends of the Wyman Park Dell Clean-Up. Molly helped inspect the trees that where delivered to be planted by the lovely volunteers.

The trees passed Molly’s inspection

The park really shines in the fall. It’s my favorite season so I may be biased, but I love the way the fall colors make the Dell look like a tranquil haven in the middle of north-central Baltimore.


Of course, this isn’t the only thing happening today, so I left the tree-planting and headed up to check out the Hauntingdon preparations. It was great to see all the work coming together, plus we got to surprise the volunteers including neighbors and Hopkins students  (many who have been working with the community for months) with a gigantic check – we won the Mayor’s Clean Community Competition for our quadrant!

Hooray gigantic check!

After that, I ran one last errand I wanted to get done before tomorrow (after all this is a blog about knitting, there should probably be some mention of knitting). I took up hats no. 23 and 24 to Lovelyarns.

Hat no. 23 is a repeat of the Purlbee’s Simple Pleasures  pattern knit out of some soft acrylic. I have no idea how this yarn ended up in my stash. It’s Hobby Lobby’s Baby Bee and since I have never been into a Hobby Lobby, someone  must have given it to me but I have no idea who or when.

Hat No. 23

Hat no. 24 is a pattern I’ve had floating around in my head that has long cables. Unfortunately, I decided to try it out with some forest green Red Heart Super Saver that I ended up passionately disliking. I mean really, really disliking. There’s enough left to do another hat and I actually threw the yarn away. I don’t know what it was because I’ve been knitting with other Red Heart yarns without an issue. This yarn just felt gross. But I love the pattern so I’m probably going to do it again and see if I can’t refine it a little bit (the color pictured is a little lighter than real-life, but you couldn’t see the stitches otherwise so I deliberately lightened it to show the cables).

Hat No. 24

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