More Hats for the 500 Hats Project

Hat No. 20

So after a hiatus of a week or so, I picked up my hat knitting again this weekend. I weaved in the ends of hat no. 20, a Chevron Stripes Hat (free pattern available through the pattern tab above).  I went with light and dark purple and am thrilled to have finished using up the dark purple yarn. I still have 3/4 of a skein of the light purple so that yarn will make another appearance soon.

I also used up some yarn I had been given that is of an indeterminable age. I’m using my google-fu to try and figure out how old the yarn is exactly, but haven’t found anything yet. It is Sears Best No-Knot yarn called Renee Perfect Match. The label says it is 100% acrylic in a no dye lot color called Fisherman. I made two hats out of the yarn and it has a lovely, soft feel so I hope they hold up well.

Hat No. 21 and 22

And when I say the hats are on hiatus, I mean just the hats. I’ve made some great progress on a few other projects. It’s exciting to have so much in progress; I’m just trying to keep the cork board updated so I don’t lose track of everything I’m supposed to do. I’m excited to say I’ve even sold a few hats and took a commission for a baby sweater. It’s good to be busy. Of course, it’s going to be in the 70’s most of this week in Baltimore so I can’t actually wear any of my knits for a few more days. Here’s hoping the cold weather comes soon!

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