Finished Object: Matrimonio Bolero

What a terrible photo might look like!

Has anyone tried to photograph a bolero? It’s crazy! The soon-to-be-bride tried on the matrimonio bolero (link goes to the FasOLA blog) and it was gorgeous on her. It fit perfectly and I couldn’t be more pleased with that part.

The problem is that I can’t get a good picture! Look at this picture to the right. That’s terrible. There is no good angle. The bolero is essentially a fat-t shape so when seamed, it just doesn’t look like much.

Anyway, next picture is a close-up of the sleeve. The picture shows my first finished object that features crochet. I watched a youtube video on how to make the scalloped edging a lot of times last night (maybe 6, 9, 15 times?). I’m thrilled with the scalloped edging.

Fancy crochet border – Not bad for a first effort.

Hopefully, I can get a picture of her wearing it at the wedding because it really did look lovely on her. Overall, I’m thrilled with pattern so I hope the soon-to-be-bride gets a kick out of it and it keeps her warm on her wedding day.

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  1. afamiliarillusion says:

    That’s beautiful! I agree, shrugs and boleros are very difficult to photograph.


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