Swatches and An-Almost-Half-Done Bolero

This matrimonio bolero pattern is an incredibly fast and gorgeous knit. I made the two swatches (it took less than an hour to make both!) and showed them to the bride. The first is the Rozetti Polaris in Cloud Cover:

Polaris with the Sequins.

I love this yarn  – I’m not a big sequin fan but this yarn has just enough that it looks shimmery without being too much. But this is not the yarn that was selected. The second yarn was selected, which I really wasn’t surprised by. Knit up, the Jojoland Tonic is much closer to her personality and the color she’s chosen for her bridesmaid’s dresses and wedding dress ribbon.

Jojoland Tonic

I’ve cast on and started knitting. It’s already over half done; the pattern is knitting up fast so far. I’d be thrilled if I finished it over the weekend, but we’ll see.

Half knit Matrimonio Bolero

The stitch pattern looked familiar and when looking through notes from Ravelry project’s I realized why. As another knitter note, it’s from the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Vol 1. It is pattern no. 128, Eternal Flame. Anyway, I’d write more in this post but this bolero isn’t going to knit itself.

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