New Project: Matrimonio Bolera

A friend from work is getting married in just a few weeks and has requested a shrug/bolero type sweater to wear with her wedding dress. I’m so excited about this project; it will be my first lace shrug.

We did a Ravelry search and found the Matrimonio Bolero by a designer named Aleksandra who goes by FasOLA online. Here’s a link to the blog with the pattern and the Ravelry page. My friend gave me the sample of the gray for her bridesmaid’s dresses which coordinates with a gray ribbon on her wedding gown.

The gray from her bridemaid’s dresses.

I actually found two grays at the LYS Lovelyarns that work well. The first is a wool/acrylic blend and the second is the acrylic I’ve used for a bunch of projects lately.  The first is the Rozetti Polaris which has lovely sequins spaced out every 6 inches or so.

The Rozetti Polaris wool/acrylic blend with sequins.

The second is Jojoland Tonic which is a little darker, but a lovely shade of gray.

A simpler, darker gray

I made up two gauge swatches and plan to show them to her today and then will go from there. Knit up, I actually prefer the Jojoland over the Polaris for this project. But the polaris is beautiful and will definitely be used for another project if she doesn’t select it for the bolero. I’ll post the gauge swatches and her selection tomorrow.

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