The Dell!

I’m taking a break from posting about knitting today to show off my park. When I’m not knitting, I spend a lot of my time at the Wyman Park Dell – the park closest to my house and essentially my backyard.

Last Saturday we held the second annual Big Draw. Ryan came up with the fantastic idea of celebrating drawing in public last year like the Big Draw from the UK  and organized a small event that used projectors to project art onto screens and  other medium once it was dark. This year, we got some funding for the event and were able to do a ton of awesome drawing activities. In the picture below, you can see the activities getting set-up. The DJ’s are under the tent and the screens that will become illuminated are set-up.

Getting Set-Up!

One of the biggest hits this year was the Sound Wall created by artist Tyler Tamburo.  He used a Kinect to record the location of the participants hands and then as they painted, their motions created music.  One of the simple but really fun art stations was a cube made of plastic that was drawn on with white board markers. Even Mayor Rawlings-Blake got in on the action.

This cube of plastic walls enclosed a light; as the sky darkened the drawings glowed.

New this year was sparkler art. There are some great pictures on our facebook page; here’s the clearest picture I could get.

Sparkler Art! Time elapse photos were taken as people drew pictures in the air with sparklers.

I can’t believe how much fun the event was. It was a great day to create art in the park. The next event is the annual Winter Solstice Celebration so until then back to the regularly scheduled blog posts about knitting.

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