Long Weekend!

Today is the 1st day of a three-day weekend. And I’m downright grateful that this week is a three day weekend. I’m on the board for my local park’s friends group, Friends of the Wyman Park Dell, and we have an awesome event today (it’s call the Big Draw, you can see it on our Facebook page). Then on Sunday, I’m going to hang out with my older sister who lives in Bethesda. So it is going to be a busy weekend, which makes me even more glad that I have Monday off from work.

I had to run some errands Friday afternoon so left work early to get things done (so I’m really having a 3.5 day weekend). After I finished the necessary errands, I went on fun runs to Howl, a pet shop, and Lovelyarns, my local yarn store. At Howl, I picked up treats and a new toy for Molly – the poor, abused dog (ha!) had run out of treats. And she loved the duck toy I bought her so much she ripped it’s foot off.

Molly hanging out after tearing the foot off her new toy.

I hit pay-dirt in the yarn shop. I found two gray yarns for my friends wedding bolero. I’m going to swatch each of the yarns and then let her pick. Then I could take back the yarn I don’t use. Okay, I’m not going to take back the yarn I don’t use. The one that isn’t used is going to be stashed and used for something else. I actually am a little in love with both grays so even though I have a preference that I hope she agrees with for her bolero, either would be gorgeous (post dedicated to that coming shortly).

I also picked up two knitting magazines, Knit Wear and Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts. I picked up the inaugural issue of Knit Wear, an Interweave Knits publication, a while after it had come out. It came out sometime in the spring and I bought it in August. At first, I wasn’t that impressed with the cover and what the cover conveyed at all. Then I had time to actually flip through it and plunked down my 15 dollars. I bought the second issue today because the featured textures like gathers and cables and twisted stitches look amazing. I bought the Interweave Knits Holiday issue because I buy it every year. The Holiday issue is great fodder for gift inspiration. Even if I don’t plan to knit anything in it right away, I know that buying Interweave Knits magazines are almost always worth it because I’ll go back through them for inspiration.


For now, I’m hanging out and getting ready to head over to my event by flipping through my magazines and knitting a sock. And yes, that is the zauberball I had to frog the other day. I’m doing a 3×1 rib stitch, which is much plainer than the original stitch plan but will be perfectly gorgeous anyway.

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