FO: Modified Grey Loop – Ravens Cowl


This pattern, The Grey Loop by Helen G, is a wonderful knit if you’re looking for something that looks like you’ve done some fancy knitting but really are doing mindless-tv-watching knitting. After I made my purple cowl, mom wanted one too and this yarn and pattern were pretty much perfect. It’s a lot of stockinette with simple k2tog, yo lace.. This pattern would probably be great with any weight yarn, but I really like the way it looks made with sock yarn.

I modified it a bit, to meet the needs of the sock yarn I used. My grey loop uses US6/ 4.0 mm needles and the Smooshy yarn by Dream in the Amethyst Ink colorway. I cast on 360 stitches on my US6 needles instead of 210 on US8 needles; mine is a bit longer than Helen G’s. I also did 4 rows instead of 5 rows for each pattern section. I reduced the number of rows because I would have run out of yarn; I used 420 out of the 450 yarns on the skein.

This is probably the fastest cowl I’ve ever knit, but I’ve been feeling a little tense lately and this was a good meditative knit. I would have posted pictures earlier, but as soon as it was off the needles I blocked it and it wasn’t dry until today. I was really happy to be able to give it to mom tonight, so she has it in time for this week’s Purple Friday.

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  1. stitchknit says:

    Beautiful! Your mom should be over the moon with this!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please come back anytime!


    1. Thank you! She was completely thrilled which was great!


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