WIP: Aranami



I’m so in love with the Aranami pattern and I think I’d like it almost as much in another fingering weight yarn, but the Neighborhood Fibers Rustic Fingering is magnificent. I’m on the fourth color (you can see it on the right side of the picture) and there’s something about the color and texture that makes it seem almost like it’s a thick and thin yarn. It’s  not a thick and thin or nubby yarn, the Rustic Fingering remains the same thickness throughout.  But there’s something about the way it’s dyed that makes it looks so interesting. (I’m hoping the Smooshy yarn I have in purple is going to have a similar look; you can see the skein in yesterday’s post).

Here’s a close-up so you can see why the colors are great. There’s enough variation to the color that it’s interesting to look at without it being too much.

I don’t know how people that work with fiber for a living don’t spend the whole day with their faces smooshed in samples. Of course, that may lead to smothering but still…

I’m on guage and each wave is coming out the right lenght and width, so  I know my finished project will be the 67″ the pattern states. That’s a little smaller than what I usually wear, but I’m going to wear this with a couple outfits to work this fall, so I think this will be the perfect lenght for draping.

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