Ravens Colors: Continued!

Apparently, I’m going to do a lot of Ravens-colors knitting this year. Today, I went over to Lovelyarns to give the sample I’d knit for them in the Cobblestone yarn by FibraNatura to them (I’ll do a post on that soon) and got possibly the last of the holiday knitting yarn. I have pretty much everything I need for the planned gifts.

Not in Ravens colors, but still gorgeous are the pink and purple I picked for my little sister’s hat.

Ooooh – So pretty and fluffy!

But that’s for another post another day. Tonight, I cast on the grey loop pattern for mom’s raven’s cowl.  I did a modified version of this pattern with sock yarn last year, and this year, I’m doing almost the same thing. But in a fabulous deep purple yarn.

Smooshy by Dream is as Smooshy as the name implies

It is absolutely luscious. I’m thrilled to have found it for mom. I’m going to give it to her as soon as it’s done so it’s not really “holiday knitting”. Maybe it’s a Halloween knit.

And with that, the Ravens have taken the lead 14-13 against the Patriots so I’m going to go cheer and knit. Happy knitting!

ETA: I knew the game was going to be close, but even I’m surprised that the Ravens won 31-30!

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