More Hats!

I finally got some good pictures of the hats I’ve recently finished. The lights either been terrible because it’s cloudy or I’ve just not been home when it’s been light out for almost week. I finished two of the projects I was working on for my neighbor, the hat to go with her cowl and the hat for her mom. The hat to go with her cowl is the Lotus Hat pattern by Uptown Purl, which I love and it worked with the little bit of yarn I had leftover from the cowl. But it is almost too short, so I’ll see what the neighbor thinks when I give it to her.

Lotus Hat with the College Park Cowl

The next hat is the hat I made for her mom’s birthday, which I had finished a little bit ago but was dissatisfied with the way the finished product felt. I went ahead and used conditioner to wet block the hat. I don’t think you can see any difference from the picture below and the one I posted last week of the hat, but it feels so much softer. And if you haven’t done it before, it’s really simple. You add a tablespoon or two of conditioner to warm water, put the knitted wool garment in the water with the conditioner until completely soaked through, swirl the garment in the conditioner-water, and then pull it out (do not squeeze or agitate or you risk felting!). Then you use a towel to squeeze out the excess water and block flat to dry. This hat was so thick it took almost 72-hours to dry which is a record for any hats I’ve knit and blocked.

The finished, blocked Large Tubu Hat.

I also finished Hat No. 15 for the 500 Hats Project. I’m continuing to work on twisted-slip stitches and the fun patterns slip stitches make.

Hat No. 15

When you look at hat no.s 13, 14, and 15 together, you can see they are all a little bit different. I think I like the decreases of 15 best, but the pattern of the pink hat best. I may combine the decreases from this latest hat with the pink hats slipped stitch pattern and see how that turns out.

Hat No.s 13, 14, and 15 together.

The best part of finishing hat no. 15? I finished up one more skein in my quest to get rid of all the acrylic from my stash.

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