Even more yarn…

I’ve made a couple of large (for my budget) yarn purchases lately and I can’t believe I actually made another this weekend. All of the yarn I’ve purchased lately has been project specific. I’ll often go and just buy a skein or two of something pretty; but lately I’ve had a lot of projects and project ideas that have demanded yarn. This past weekend, I purchased yarn for two Christmas projects and a friends headband. I couldn’t get a good picture of the yarn for my older sisters sweater so a description will have to suffice. I purchased five balls of Jojoland Tonic in a burgundy to knit my older sister the Terra Linda Cardigan. And then I got these two beautiful skeins to make mom knee-high cabled boot socks. I’m not sure if I’m going to use someone else’s pattern or create my own, but I’m so excited about this yarn!

Neighborhood Fibers Co. Sock Yarn

Neighborhood Fiber Co. is my current favorite dyer – plus she’s local and a nice person, so it’s really a pleasure to buy her yarns. That is way too much yarn to make just a pair of socks; so mom may get knee highs plus slipper socks or some other short type of socks.

I also got this ball of red-orange to make my friend a headband. She lost hers at a bull roast we went to last year and has been bothering me to make her  a new one. I saw this yarn and had to get it for her:

Ratatouille Lustra

The red-orange is Berroco’s Lustra yarn in Ratatouille. I’ve never succesfully made a headband before (I’ve made some really unfortunate attempts) so I’m looking forward to trying to make a headband again. Hopefully with better results. Because the last time I tried a headband, I may have actually made a decorative noose.

I’ve been out so much that last few days, I still haven’t taken pictures of the 500 Hats Projects I’ve finished or the Gehry hat I made with the large tubu, which looks very different now that it has been blocked with conditioner. It’s raining in Baltimore today, but hopefully I can still get some good pictures tonight after work. If not, it’s not like I don’t have a project or two to work on!

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