Noro Large Tubu

I usually have mixed feelings about Noro yarns. The colorways are exquisite but the skeins tend to have problems (there always seems to be knots or split ends or something wrong with the yarn). Lovelyarns had some Noro when my neighbor and I were shopping and she bought two skeins to have a hat made for her mom’s birthday. I can’t deny she has great taste – the yarn is so visually appealing and the colors are perfect for a fall birthday gift.

Gorgeous fall colors!

Now that I’ve knit the hat, I want to go back and buy all the Noro Large Tubu. It is a fantastic yarn. As a bonus, this project gave me an excuse to use those US50 needles I bought last year (for one project – a scarf – that was finished in an hour and the needles haven’t been used since). Large Tubu is discontinued and I know my yarn store had it (at a great price, no less) because it was purchased from a store that was going out of business. While I think the yarn is great, I can see why it was discontinued. It’s hard to imagine this yarn as having a lot of possibilities other than accessories or something for your home. And even though I’m glad to use those US50’s,  you can’t knit with needles that big for an extended period of time. All that aside, I may still may go back and buy more because it’s a novelty yarn that isn’t completely out there like some of the ruffles and fun fur yarns.

I ended up using the yarn to do a variation on the Gehry Hat by Amanda Ruzin (Ravelry and Blog links). Basically I took her idea of winding cables and made them…um… I’m not sure how to describe this. I knit the Gehry pattern last year for my older sister so I am not unfamiliar with the pattern or what it looks like when knit with the type of yarn the pattern uses (link to my blog post). My large tubu Gehry doesn’t exactly have bigger cables than what the original Gehry pattern has because the Gehry cables are enormous. Maybe thicker would be more a more accurate description. I do know that I love the outcome of this hat (and there’s no way neighbor’s mom won’t be completely warm with this thick wool hat on).

The finished hat with those huge US50 needles.

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  1. Hey, do you have any more info on this yarn? I’ve never seen it before


    1. Nope, I tried googling for more information about the yarn but there was very little information out there. I don’t even know when it was on the market or when it was discontinued.


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