Risotto, A Yarn Party, Hats No. 13 and 14, and a Ravens Cowl

Between Saturday’s cupcake experimenting and Sunday’s fun this was a really great weekend. Sunday for dinner, I made risotto for the third time. I love risotto and for a while Giant grocery stores carried a frozen risotto by Buitoni that was really good and cooked in something ridiculous like 10 minutes. I don’t know if the product was discontinued or if the local stores just stopped carrying it, but no more incredibly easy risotto. So I bought some arborio rice and it turns out that risotto is not actually that hard to make – you just have to be willing to stand in the kitchen for 45 minutes. Oh, and stir endlessly.

45 minutes of stirring.

But the outcome of the 45 minutes of stirring is so delicious. It’s not something I can make on the average weekday, but it’s perfect for when I have more time to spend cooking.

Also, today was my LYS’s birthday – Lovelyarns turns six years old and every year they have a PLY (Peace, Love, and Yarn) Party. Basically, local dyers are invited to host a big trunk show in the stores back yard, cupcakes are served, wine is poured, and fun is had. I exercised massive (seriously) self control today and only bought two things. The first is a ball of Jawoll Magic Degrade in colorway 50 which looks like a rainbow. It’s going to be a Christmas gift for mom, but I’m not entirely sure what it’s going to be yet. The second item is a gift for me. I bought the Neighborhood Fiber Company aranami kit in a gorgeous gold, orange, burgundy colorway that is perfect for fall. The pattern is by Olga Buraya-Kefelian; she has a blog post about the pattern on her website. I also got to talk with the owner of Neighborhood Fiber for a few minutes – she apparently has moved less than three blocks from my house and is having a grand opening for her studio in a couple of weeks. I love these colors and can’t wait to see more from her.

Perfect fall colors!

There are other things on my plate that need attention first, but I can’t wait to dig into the Aranami project. Last, but not least, I finished Hat No.s 13 and 14 for the 500 Hats Project this morning. These are an experiment with slipped and twisted stitches.

Twisted stitches – same basic pattern, two different styles.

I’m in love with slipping and twisting stitches to create patterns. I have been ever since I began the Thalweg stocks. I love both of these stitch patterns, but need to do some changes to the crown decreases. I’m going to do these stitch patterns again and if I can work the crown decreases out, will post the hat with the other charity hat patterns on the Patterns page.

Also, I finished up my Ravens cowl so I have it for tomorrow (although it will be a little too warm to wear it, I have it!). It’s purple wool ruffles with silver stripes in between the ruffled sections. Go Ravens!

Go Ravens!

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