Hat No.s 11 and 12 and Why Pooling Colors are Terrible

The other two hats I worked on over the Labor Day weekend were repeats of patterns I’ve already used for other charity hats. Hat no. 11 is the another ribbed cable pattern (similar to what was used for hat no. 6) and hat no. 12 is the Chevron Stripes pattern used for hat no. 5, but in variegated yarn rather than two colors. Both patterns are available on the new Patterns page.

Hat no.s 11 and 12

This Ribbed Cable hat is bigger than the last one. I sized it up because I still had plenty of the green yarn left and I

Ribbed Cables Hat

usually make one or two hats for guys (or gals) that have really big heads. I added an extra 12 stitch repeat and used size US 9 needles. I think the Red Heart Super Saver yarn knits up fine on size US9 needles, it’s a pretty thick yarn. I know that it’s cheap and squeaky, but throw it in the washing machine and it comes out much softer.

The other hat is knit in yarn that I was given by a friend and even though I was given several balls, none of them have ball bands. I love the bright colors; the red, yellow, orange, and turquoise aren’t colors I would have thought to put together but they work. The Chevron

Oh – the terrible color pooling!

Stripes hat started out so nicely; the chevrons captured the color in a way that each v-shape came out a different color from the adjoining v-shape. But then I started the decrease and the nice chevrons went to pot. I’m thinking about undoing the bind-off and re-knitting. I may knit the hat taller in the chevron pattern and do a three needle bind of making a flat top and add pom-poms or tassels. I don’t know – I think the pooling colors look horrible.

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