Hat No. 10: Simple Pleasures Hat

I had a completely lovely Labor Day Weekend. I took Friday off of work and got caught up on many things around the house (exciting things like laundry – I know you all are jealous). Getting so much done on Friday meant I could be somewhat lazy the rest of the weekend. During the time I spent sitting on the couch watching bad movies, I worked on a bunch of knitting projects: a couple hexipuffs for the Beekeepers Quilt, the zauberball socks for my neighbor, my awesome purple-silver cowl and of course, I worked on a couple of hats for the 500 Hats Project. 

Fortunately, the weather wasn’t a complete wash-out. It ended up raining only a little bit throughout the weekend. Unfortunately, it was pretty gray all weekend. I wanted to capture at least a couple of pictures of a completed hat, but it was hard to get the true color. This first picture shows the color of the hat pretty accurately:

The Purl Bee’s Simple Pleasures Hat

I love this pattern! The pattern is the Purl Bee’s Simple Pleasures Hat (link) available for free; the Purl Bee is the craft blog of Purl Soho, a New York craft store. And no, that picture isn’t skewed funny – the hat is over a 13 inches tall.

With the brim folded, the Simple Pleasures Hat is an awesome, incredibly easy pattern for a fabulous slouchy hat.

This second picture makes the hat look like a more muted, soft blue. The first picture is much truer to the color, but the second picture shows the shape of the hat better than any of the other pictures I took. It’s a sea-foam-ey blue that like all the 500 Hats Projects I’ve knit is 100% acrylic. This is a skein that was given to me that I have never seen in a store. It’s Baby Bee’s Sweet Delight Baby in surf baby. It’s a slightly fuzzy, very soft acrylic that works for the hat pattern because it emulates the weight of the yarns the Purl Bee recommends.

Of course, now that I’ve knit the hat and tried it on, I want to go buy the cashmere and the silk blend and make one for myself. The pattern takes a while to knit compared to other hats (it’s the length!), but is a great mindless knit that pairs perfectly with a red wine (may I recommend Cupcake’s Red Velvet?) and a movie.

Hopefully, the weather will be better tomorrow so I can get pictures of the other two hats I’ve just about finished.

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