A New Knitting Magazine: Amirisu

I’m a big fan of books and magazines, especially knitting books and magazines. I love having big glossy pictures to flip through again and again. Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting take up the majority of the space on my magazine space (I never get rid of old issues, which is good since I just pulled an issue from 2007 because it has an entrelac sock pattern I’m now ready to try out – or will be when I have free needles). I started knitting right before the internet exploded with knitting so as I’ve become more and more involved in knitting as a craft and hobby, I feel like there’s been more and more resources available. Ravelry is seriously awesome, there are so many great independent knitting blogs and resources, and I love :::love::: the explosion of online knitting magazines.

There’s been a little bit of chatter about a new online knitting magazine so I googled to find it. Amirisu  (goes to magazine) has a gorgeous fall launch issue.  It is based in Japan, but has international designers and one of their sections features pictures from New York City. Their about page expounds a little bit on their philosophy; they present themselves on that page as being the only online knitting magazine focused on Japanese knitting. I have no idea if this is true or not but really, my knowledge of Japanese knitting and yarn is limited to Noro. One last comment about the Japanese side of things: Even with all the great resources on the internet, I still hesitate a little bit before buying translated knitting products. Even if the pattern is translated well, the associated descriptions and other content so often has errors. I love that in reading through the articles side of this magazine there were no translation issues. They get bonus points from me for basing something in Japan and in Japanese and inviting a wider audience in by co-publishing in English rather than separately publishing so you can see everything one page (it makes it feel like there’s going to be a shared experience, rather than one language or the other being an afterthought).

On to the patterns. I love the style of almost all the designs. The problem for me is that I’m curvy. There’s no way I could wear any of the garments without some serious alterations to the shaping. Aside from that, the styles really are nice and the photography is gorgeous. I love some of the wraps and there’s a cowl I may have to splurge on and purchase the pattern. Also, the voice of experience tells me not to buy the Coffee Beans cup holders. I’ve knit holders in the past. They’re adorable and I never use them. And yet I see myself spending $3 in the near future to buy that pattern (no self-control over here).

Anyway, if this issue is indicative of the style and content Amirisu’s going to feature going forward, I’m probably going to add them to the (growing) list of online knitting resources I watch.

And now, so this isn’t a post without pictures, here’s a picture of the Ravens Cowl I’m working on.

Purple ruffles and Silver stripes…


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  1. agujasblog says:

    I love your combination of that deep purple with the gray. Very nice!


    1. Thank you! I’m glad we have a football team in Baltimore that wears colors I like 🙂


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