Thalweg Socks

The Thalweg Socks have been my bus socks the past couple of weeks. The pattern was a pleasure to knit and fit my bus-sock needs perfectly. I love knitting socks, but I tend not to take on complex designs because it’s very difficult to follow charts or detailed instructions while riding a bus. This design was complex enough to keep my interest going but not so difficult I couldn’t follow it while bouncing down St. Paul and up Charles Street.

Thalweg Socks profiled – I like the heel a lot.

I bound the second sock off on Friday. It was a bit bittersweet but I feel a little bit more confident now that I can take on a more complex pattern for a bus-sock in the future. Also, I finally googled the word thalweg (link goes to wikipedia). It’s a geography term that refers to a line drawn to join the lowest points of a stream or river. This seems very appropriate to the flow of the cables that extend the entire length of the sock.

Thalweg Sock from the top – the cabling extends all the way from the top to the bottom of the sock.

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