(Finally) Finished Objects!

Today is a break from the 500 Hats Project to showcase the finished objects that were blocked over the weekend. I’m so happy that these projects came out so well. These are projects that were all knit between May and August. This could also be considered a commentary on procrastination – I hadn’t woven in the loose ends, let alone blocked these projects until last Saturday and some of these projects were finished at the end of May – but procrastination is such an ugly word.

First up is the Dark Horse Cowl. This project was the most difficult to photograph because the Dark Horse Fantasy yarn is an acrylic that reflects a lot of light. I tried some indoor and outdoor shots to show off the stitch pattern. The picture below is the best of the photos I took today; I may try again in another day or two.

Outdoor picture of Dark Horse Cowl.

The Dark Horse Cowl is my own pattern and may get its own post because I love the stitch pattern. I may use it to make a hat for the 500 Hats Project and possibly another cowl.

The next project is a basic entrelac scarf knit with Lang Tosca Light yarn. This is a wool/acrylic blend that knit up like  a dream. I used US 8 metal needles and the yarn just slid back and forth so smoothly. The yarn was a surprise because when wound it looked like the colors would repeat. The colors didn’t repeat at all in the scarf. The finished scarf, knit with just one ball,  is 6″ x 70″ cost $16 a skein, making this a pretty cheap project.

The Basic Entrelac Scarf with 6 stitches per block.

The College Park Cowl got its own post this morning, but the pictures taken this afternoon are much better.

College Park Cowl by the Ivy (it seemed appropriate)

This second picture of the College Park Cowl is meant to show off the texture.

College Park Cowl

In addition to the Dark Horse Cowl for mom and the College Park Cowl for my neighbor, I re-knit a ball of stripey yarn I found in a clearance bin at Stitches East a couple of years ago into moebius cowl. All I did was cast-on 120 stitches on a US10 needles, gave it a single twist to make the moebius and knit seed stitch in the round until I ran out of yarn. Unlike the Tosca Light which didn’t repeat at all, this yarn did a perfect mirror of itself from top to bottom. I love the geometry of having a moebius that striped so perfectly. Originally, this yarn was knit into a broken rib scarf. It was a terrible, terrible scarf and the yarn is much better as a cowl.

The Moebius – a great re-use of what was a terrible knitting project

Last is the project that was most recently completed. This is the Foreign Correspondent Pattern by Lexy Lu of Ravelry (I don’t think she has a separate website – if she did I’d link to it). This was knit with the Jojoland Melody Superwash. I knit a pair of socks with a couple skeins of this yarn about a year ago and despite following the washing instructions, the socks felted. However, the yarn is gorgeous and knit in this pattern, the scarf created is light and airy. It’s not something that would do anyone any good in a snowstorm, but the scarf is gorgeous. I had two skeins and the project is 8-9″ wide (range because I think the lace is going to narrow somewhat when worn) and 65″ long.

The Foreign Correspondent

As a bonus, a monarch butterfly was enjoying the verbena the entire time I was outside taking pictures.

The garden visitor.

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  1. bbg says:

    Love your work and the interesting names you give to your projects 😀


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