Finished Project: College Park Cowl

I was hesitant about this project, mainly because the pattern features a stitch pattern I don’t love. The yarn on the other hand is pretty awesome. The yarn was bought by my yarn store when another store closed their doors. The yarn is gorgeous. The yarn is called Klaus Koch Clip in a fabulously teal color that is a little shiny and just the right amount of bright.

Blocked and finished.

I was hesitant about the pattern because it’s a kind of basket weave but my neighbor, the project’s recipient, liked it. The pattern did look good on Ravelry; my concern was that the edges would be uneven without a massive amount of blocking. Before blocking, the project had terribly uneven edges. After a little wet blocking, it turned out beautifully. It didn’t need as much finishing as I thought it would. I need to take more photos when the light is good this afternoon.

Four other projects were also blocked this weekend so I’ll post good pictures of everything later.

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