Hat No. 4.5 and the Hat Stash

My goal is to make a serious dent in my crazy acrylic stash. It’s not like I don’t know how this happened. Over time I grabbed skeins of acrylic in various colors to play with, almost like having a set of crayons that I could grab and try new stitches or concepts with. But now I have too much. I want to reduce the amount of yarn in my possession. While I don’t know that I’ll be able to get rid of all of this as I knit for the 500 Hats Project, I’d love to only have I’ve container of acrylic when this hat season ends.

What too much acrylic yarn looks like.

I found a hat I’d made in January in with the yarn. This was a hat I did in acrylic that matched the weight of a cashmere I wanted to use, but didn’t want to use until I was sure able the pattern. The blue hat is the 500 Hats hat and the cream is my cashmere hat.

The blue hat is for charity (I think you can see the blue yarn in the acrylic box on the left in the picture above).

I’m calling it hat 4.5 because I decided when I knit it that it would be a giveaway, but it wasn’t specifically knit to be a giveaway. Official hat no. 5 is on the needles. It’s going to be cabled.

Soon to be cabled hat.

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