Meet Norma

For a couple of years, Mom has requested a blanket for the pram my sisters and I slept in as infants. The problem was I couldn’t find the right pattern.

The first fall issue of Knitty had the prefect pattern. Meet norma.

Norma, Knitty First Fall 2012.

Norma is a gorgeous pattern that was easy to complete. The biggest complaint I have is that the charts were huge which made them a little difficult to track through. There were some mistakes in the chart however it wasn’t difficult to see the errors and avoid making them.

I knit Norma using Jojoland Tonic yarn. I bought six skeins and used 4 for the blanket. The other two are for a matching pillow. I’m not sure quite how it will work out but I plan to copy the blanket into the pillow. I can’t decide whether to do the pillow in the round to match the blanket exactly or just duplicate the pattern more simply. More to come on the Norma project.

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