Gorgeous Wrap

Because what could be more seasonably appropriate in July than an enormous alpaca blend wrap.


Seriously though, this is awesome. I have three of the Vogue Stichionary books. I love them for the endless inspiration they provide.

Way back in November, we went to the yarn shop on Aliceanna Street (I’ll leave my opinion of that yarn shop out of this post because other than the amazing find of this yarn, I have a strong dislike of that shop). But they had fabulous yarn – Alpaca Handknitting Yarn to be specific. I bought two skeins of it because it felt amazing.

The yarn shop had knit a sample wrap in feather-and-fan pattern. Feather-and-fan makes me sad. I don’t know why, but I think it’s a terrible pattern. But the idea of this yarn in a wrap of repetitive lace seemed like a really good idea.

In looking through Vogue Stichionary Volume I, I came across pattern 106, scallop pattern. This very simple 14 row repeat had the simple scallop that feather-and-fan creates but looked more sophisticated and finished. So I cast on 15 repeats of the Scallop Pattern, knit 9 repeats of it, threw on a garter stitch border and called it a wrap (pun intended).

The wrap took a while to complete (it was a lot of stitches and a lot of repeats), but the finished project looks pretty amazing.

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