A Scarf for a Friend

Scarf before blocking

I am very lucky to have a couple of friends that I work with that have become outside of work friends. I knit one of them the meret back in November and then I wanted to knit the other a scarf. She is Irish and pretty awesome so I imagined an aran scarf in some kind of undyed wool would be perfect.

That became the first problem. For some reason,my yarn shop had some nice natural wools but someone had beat me too them. So I went to a couple of the big box craft stores but there wasn’t quite what I was looking for (specifically for this project, both Michael’s and Jo-Ann’s sell Lion Brand’s wool which is actually very nice to knit with). I went to the    store on Aliceanna Street and they had a beautiful lace-weight cashmere-wool blend that is really wonderful. I bought it but ended up not using it for this project. I didn’t want light weight. Needless to say when I went back to Lovelyarns the following week, they had gotten in some very nice Cascade Yarns Cascade 220.  According to the label the yarn’s color is called undyed and it was exactly what I imagined for the project. I bought two skeins (440 yards) and used pretty much all of it. The unblocked scarf is the picture at the top of this post – it barely needed blocked but I did it because I think blocking makes everything magically look better.

Scarf on ironing board

Finishing my knits is an area where I do need to work on (I always procrastinate for a long time because I know if I push myself to do it when I don’t have enough time and patience to focus, I’ll do a crappy job).

The final product in this case is gorgeous.

Blocked scarf.

The pattern for this scarf is not difficult, if you’ve done any basic cabling. It’s twisted stitches and then small braided cables in the middle. I have pattern notes written out, but I’m not sure whether it will become a fully fleshed out pattern.

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