Exciting Upcoming Events

I love summer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, festival season is a beautiful thing – my goal is to attend at least one festival every week throughout the entire summer (meaning all of June, July, and August). We’ll see how well this goes.

The only problem is that I actually have a winter personality – I love the cold! No seasonal affective disorder here, give me cold, cloudy, snow and I’ll be happy. So despite it not being my favorite season in terms of weather, I love summer for all the fabulous events.

The festival of the week is going to be the Baltimore Pride Festival. The actual festival is Sunday and I hope to be able to make it this year. Last year, I only went to the parade which is in Mt. Vernon and was, if you’ll pardon the cliche, fabulous. The whole high-heeled raced, King and Queen, block party glory that is the Baltimore Pride is too much fun. The parade will be at 4 PM which, fortunately, gives me plenty of time for earlier events including…

Pile of Craft!

Pile of Craft is the Charm City Craft Mafia’s craft show. This will be the third one I go to and I love these! Such great stuff and almost all the crafters are truly wonderful people that are happy to talk all about what they do and why they do it. Infinitely better than your run of the mill craft fair full of cranky crafters (sorry, I like alliteration).

Today, while stalking Pride and the Craft Mafia, I knit some gorgeous alpaca I’d gotten at Stitches East two years ago into a cute stocking for a boy (sized for 0-6 months, very stretchy). I even used to have a picture of the alpaca this yarn came from but I seem to have lost it (I remember her as being a fabulous farmer that had a small number of alpaca with her husband – what an awesome life she must have!).

Here are pics:

Personally, I think the tassel makes the hat.
I also have this brilliant idea for a bowling ball hat but I seem to be out of white yarn. I just want to some cheap-o acrylic (that’s what I use when doing prototypes) so I may have to scrounge up a couple dollars for a Jo-Ann’s run. More details will be forthcoming…

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