Honfest and World Wide Knit in Public Day

Two of my favorite things in one weekend: Honfest and World Wide Knit in Public Day.

I arrived at the Avenue at 7 A.M., collected my bright yellow event staff t-shirt, and directed vendor set up until the festival started at 11 AM.

It was a lot of fun; there were only a few drama queens in the bunch and only a couple cars had to be towed off the street.

After having lunch and walking around the festival, I went home and took a nap (that’s right, a nap because I can do that) then went back to knit on the Lovely Yarns porch for World Wide Knit In Public (KIP) day.

I kip pretty much every day anyway so this wasn’t out of the ordinary really, more that I don’t normally knit with other knitters.

I worked on the cupcake hats and updated the patterns – the green actually has the cake knit from inside the cup and the blue is an improved version of the one knit at last Thursday’s O’s game. I’m actually very happy with the way they came out.

I had a lot of fun so I’m thinking about going back next Saturday, it would be great to have a local knitting group to belong to, especially if it were attached to a great yarn shop (and Lovelyarns is a great yarn shop).

PS: In the second picture, they’re sitting on balls of yarn so they don’t really look like they would on a baby’s head, it’s just meant to get the general idea.

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