And what to my wondering eyes did appear…

The summer edition of was posted today. Every new issue of Knitty is like a little online present and the pattern featured on the mainpage, The Deadliest Crab, is a must knit.

As a Maryland native, I’m 95% sure I’m actually required to knit that crab!

I also like this thing they’ve started where there’s a selection of patterns asteriked with a snowflake to indicate they’re meant for colder weather (apparently wool socks aren’t summer wear). I love this because I don’t really have the urge to make a lot of the tank tops and other sleeveless sweater like objects the summer issues of my favorite knitting magazines come out with. Plus, I’m one of those people that has to start thinking about what kind of knits I’m going to make people in May if I’m going to have finished gifts for the holidays.

Now to finish reading all the Knitty articles (yay!).

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