Festival Season!

I love summer in Baltimore. Could there be any more festivals? Well, yes, obviously there could. But that’s not the point. The point is that there are festivals every weekend in Baltimore.

Today and tomorrow is the Charles Village Festival at 29th and N. Charles St. After volunteering at the Friends of Wyman Park Dell booth, I wandered around, listed to the Swinging Swamis, who are excellent, and enjoyed a beer in the gorgeous weather. It finally cleared up around 4 PM and sunny and 75 degrees is pretty much perfect for spending the day outside.

I also checked out the vendors – I always look to see if there are other hand knitters (not machine knitters mind you, I’ll have no part of that). There was one hand knitter selling scarves and hats all knit from novelty yarns. Some interesting stuff, but it didn’t look like it was moving well. Oh well, hats and scarves at summer festivals are a hard sell. You can make summer scarves and wraps that are very specifically summery. But knit hats are often hot not matter what yarn you use. So yeah, I doubt she was moving much – I hope she at least made enough to cover her expenses.

I’m not sure yet if I’m going back tomorrow, I’m not doing the garden walk this year but I may take some music to go listen to the bands.

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